We seek to be client centric all day, every day.

How the relationship generally begins.

We routinely get referrals every month.  Referrals come from other clients as well as from other professionals.  We will have at least brief conversation with everyone referred to us.  From decades of experience, we can discover quickly whether we can help you, or whether some other colleague is a better fit.

The next conversation is in lieu of a questionnaire.

Questionnaires do not allow for context.  Instead, we favor conversations.  Many conversations.  From these conversations we can tease out unique, textured goals and your perceived barriers to those goals.  Mike Ross earned the Certified Private Wealth Advisor credential for this exact conversation.  Members of Lattice wealth management have decades of experience, that experience often helps us find ways to achieve goals that perhaps were not even considered before our conversation.

Laying out a plan.

After a suitable number of conversations, often complemented by looking at retirement accounts, other account statements, tax returns and trust documents.  We will describe a plan that is one or two pages long, not a ream of gibberish and disclaimers. This is one reason the Certified Private Wealth Advisor credential is so valuable. We have experience dealing with charitable giving, a range of trusts for estate management and continually provide education to clients.

The ongoing relationship.

Every factor in your financial life is dynamic.  Life changes.  Tax law changes.  Children are born.  You get a raise or a new business opportunity. Children grow up and move away.  New technology emerges.  Every one of these things require rethinking that plan.  This, quite simply, is why we talk often.  For the most complicated situations, we speak monthly.  For those less complicated we speak at least quarterly.  

We have done our own portfolio management for decades.  We find our portfolio management can better be customized to every client.  It often helps in tax planning.  Portfolio management is so central to our experience that, seeing a void in available training, Mike cofounded the Academy of Portfolio Managers and was President of that organization for its first eight years.

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