The Lattice Approach

At Lattice Wealth Management, we’ll work with you to develop a strategy that weaves together precisely the right investment options, interconnected… working together powerfully and strategically toward your unique goals. We offer guidance that goes well beyond your investments, encompassing virtually every aspect of your financial life. We help address strategies concerning:

  • Tax Planning
  • Charitable Giving
  • Estate Planning
  • Family Education

Tax Planning

Planning in conjunction with your tax professional

Be honest.  How many times have you received your completed 1040 from your tax professional and simply celebrated that you “were getting (your) money back, or were resigned to having to pay taxes? Then you put it in a file never to be seen again.

We are not tax professionals, but neither are we shy about reviewing your tax returns and then asking the preparer a few questions about what was done – Just a few examples:

  • What are your effective tax bracket and marginal tax bracket?
  • Are your charitable contributions being effectively used as tax write-offs?
  • Do you have tax loss carryforwards?

A key part of the Certified Private Wealth Advisor curriculum concerned tax planning. Mike Ross and his team are sensitive to tax planning in portfolio management.  Also, they frequently bring up charitable contributions as a part of tax planning.  This is educations both to clients and their children.

Strategies can be utilized with both equity compensation and IRA Rollovers. Charitable giving sometimes plays a part and generally Donor Advised Fun come into the conversation.

Charitable Giving

Planning for Charitable Giving is a key part of the Certified Private Wealth Advisor curriculum.  Mike Ross and his team have experience working with key aspects of charitable giving like Donor Advised Funds, Charitable Remainder Trust and Charitable Lead Trusts. Each of these should be discussed in light of both tax and estate planning. These are especially important topics for those with equity compensation and with large IRA rollovers that dominate their net worth.

Donor Advised Funds seem to be the most often used.  But charitable trusts are also generally part of the conversation in client education and tax planning.  Mike generally discusses each of them in early conversation on portfolio management and tax planning.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is a consistent part of our client work.

Estate planning conversations are all-encompassing, these discussions range from simply recommending that estate planning documents are up to speed, to what assets should be placed in which trust, to addressing the unique needs of all their heirs with different types of accounts for each.

This begins while the elder generation is still intact and lasts until the final beneficiary is paid from the estate. We shared ideas that were perhaps not previously considered such as “Upstream Gifting,” Roth Conversions, “Irrevocable Trusts” and many other ideas. [These concepts have been gleaned from the Certified Private Wealth Advisor curriculum as well as countless hours of continuing education on estate planning.]

This is generally part of the dialogue with clients 50 and over, and it lasts throughout our relationship. [One of our true differentiators is the frequency and depth of conversations on a wide variety of investment, tax planning and estate planning topics. These subjects are married together in most clients financial planning. We seek to educate clients and their families during these conversaitons.]

Estate planning is a key topic when we discuss equity compensation and IRA Rollovers.  There might be a charitable dimension to your estate planning, and we discuss a range of trusts as well as the increasingly popular Donor Advised Funds.

Family Education

Noting both our educational certifications and experience, it becomes obvious to clients that continuing education is one of the foundations of our practice. Both the Certified Portfolio Manager curriculum and the Certified Private Wealth Advisor curriculum directly influences our day-to-day activities.  Marry this with regular continuing education on changes in tax and estate law and you see that we aim to stay up to date with changes in investment and tax strategy.

We avoid doing seminars and classes because every situation is different. Instead, we work to have routine and ongoing conversions with you and your family on the entire range of topics that can allow you to reach your financial goals. These conversations are custom-designed around your situation and is a part of our regular monthly or quarterly conversations.

Whether the subject is equity compensation, IRA Rollover or input on what investments to put in what trust, Mike Ross and his team are always ready to have thorough conversations based on your family’s needs.

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