lattice wealth forget wall street strategists think yield curve

Forget “Wall Street Strategists”—think yield curve.

There is a cottage industry in the business of forecasting markets. It is meant for entertainment, not for advice. It began with newsletters, then with radio shows, then with televisions shows, even cable networks. Now websites. There are conferences dedicated to the subject. But, In the immortal words, of William Goldman in his Hollywood memoir:

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lattice wealth about fees

About Fees

Portfolio Manager Financial Advisors are inexpensive…maybe. First let’s be absolutely clear about one thing. Aside from simply buying very inexpensive ETFs, with which you get absolutely no advice from a seasoned portfolio manager/financial advisor, we believe we are the least expensive alternative for any client who wants professional help.  Advisors Fees can be opaque. I

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lattice wealth closed end funds illiquidity when you need liquidity

Closed End Funds: Illiquidity when you need liquidity

We got burned years ago with an instrument called a closed-end fund. Let me spend a few minutes on closed end funds—some of which we still own. Market Opportunities and Investment Themes Idealistically, some Wall Street firm identifies market opportunities in the fixed income market to seemingly help clients build wealth, where they see tremendous

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lattice wealth don't ladder

Don’t Ladder

All throughout my career I have heard the mantra of “laddering portfolios.” Laddering maturities means to buy a series of bonds over time so that regardless of whether interest do, there will soon be a bond maturing and one can reinvest the proceeds at the new interest rates. This is cowardly. This also provides the investor with

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